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Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Enough Republicans Willing to Unseat Speaker Boehner

Boehner does not have it to be speaker, Gotta go.
We need a tough ass son of a bitch.

I would much rather have the country go off this imaginary "cliff". I'll trade higher taxes for axing spending. Everybody should sink or swim together. Instead, our government has adopted a more unfair tax policy, along with $4 trillion in higher spending over the next 10 years. This stupid, stupid masochistic country.
Boehner promised aid to victims still suffering from the effects of the hurricane in NY and NJ and then didn't bring the bill up for a vote as he had promised. I saw Congressman Peter King(NY) this morning and he was hoppin' mad about it.
Oh well, at least Hollywood got their $254 million to promote movies. That must be more important.
I think Boehner's a boozer.
We are in a sad state, some things I noticed this year during our holiday rush, was the lack of spending, I watched as people paying cash kept their purchases to under $100.00, We also noticed more people using cash instead of credit, sadly if it wasn't for the ebt people, we would have been hurting. This speaks volumes, people also didn't spend much on taxable items, foil pans, plastic bowls, etc. they opted for using their own stuff in lieu of disposables, we make a lot of money there.
Also, soda pop consumption way down.
My point, more people will hold onto cash, all businesses are going to feel a pinch down the road, more layoffs, more entitlement spending.
They are not concerned with jobs, more government jobs maybe, we got disfunctional children running this country.
Just to give you an idea of our sad sad state,
9,969,727 total population
2,500,000 residents on welfare
314,926 collecting disability
1,964,862 on social security
860,000 unemployed
5,639,748 total people dependant on tax payers, thats more then half the state.
That leaves 4,329,979 left to foot the bill, take away students and part time employment, persons under 18, and that doesnt leave much of a work force to keep us going.
The Democrats only want takers for immigrants cuz they vote Democrat.
And increasingly, we don't have enough makers to support them.
And when the makers get tired of more and more taxes to support the takers - look out.
It will never happen. Only in your dreams sucker. As long as there are tea-party members like you, immigrants will always vote democrat. Plain and simple!
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