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Friday, February 3, 2012


Unemployment rate drops to 8.3 percent. Is that a problem for Mitt Romney?

A problem for Romney? How's it a problem for Romney? This is Obama's disaster, not Romney's.
Obama promised it would never go over 8% if he got his Stimulus Scam Bill and after he got it, the unemployment rate has been hovering around 9 or 10% ever since. It's never gone below 8%, which is what he promised.
Well, he lied.
No it is a problem for everybody because it is a made up number.
Romney's history for saying he isn't worried about the poor. What he meant to say was he isn't worried about anyone not earning a million dollars a year.
He was never worry about the poor, making deal and paying back those super pack for their million so they can continue to make million and not creating any jobs. Finding loop hole to give his kids million. He had these million for years and how many middle class jobs has he create.None! he too busy hiding his million over seas that average Republican(rich one) finding way to cheat.Free labor ,they want people to work for peanuts that way you will always be poor with that kind of China pay.They think are going to break the Union .Will never happen! just like the President will be President come next year.
unemploment in detroit is 15%.
Unemployment is Spain is 27%. It is north of 19% here in the USSA.
This unemployment figure isn't any where around 8.3%,
It doesn't reflect the people who have dropped out of collecting since they're not eligible to collect anymore. The true figure is around 9.5%
The media can pump it up for barrockie all they want, people aren't that stupid anymore..
Your right Maddog, their not collecting unemployment, now they are on Welfare.
The working part of the ENTIRE USA is the lowest it has been in 30 years, 63.7%. Look it up. People not working and or part time under employed is over 20%.
Republics are eventually brought down by people demanding free stuff and electing people who will give it to them. Eventually there is no free stuff left to give. Then they riot and eventually turn on each other.
Stupid people, (democrat voters), cannot comprehend this. They're just too stupid. And lazy.
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