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Thursday, February 02, 2012


Susan G. Komen Foundation pulls Planned Parenthood funding



Nancy Pelosi criticizes cancer charity for break with Planned Parenthood:

I hate to hear that.
What a lot of people don't know is Planned Parenthood gives free prenatal care to women that don't have insurance.
I have referred many young women to Planned Parenthood when they lost their insurance during their pregnancy.
If they get rid of Planned Parenthood, there will be a lot on women deprived of needed prenatal care and well woman care.
Abortion is a volatile issue no matter which side you are on.
Being a mom, I hate to see any woman without proper prenatal care, I am for all practical purposes against abortion, but what another woman does with her body, is not any of my business, she'll answer to her maker one day, so I stand on the fence nuetral.
I do however, have a problem with supporting someones elses planned or unplanned pregnancy through taxation.
If panned parenthood was 100% a charitable organization I WOULD SUPPORT THEM JUST THE SAME AS I SUPPORT BREAST CANCER RESEARCH.

The latest news is that the Susan G. Komen Foundation changed their minds.
Planned Parenthood's main goal is killing babies. As many as possible.
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