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Monday, February 6, 2012


Obama on Super Bowl Sunday: 'I deserve a second term'

“I deserve a second term, but we’re not done,”
As president for the last 3 years shows what he intends to do. Actions speak louder than words.
When someone speaks they are either telling the truth or lieing.
Can not cover up your intentions when you do what you intended.
If elected again, many mo foodstamps, mo unemployment, mo lost hope, mo lost change, mo lies, mo time on the golf court, mo time on the basketball court and mo time for vacations, and NO time for being a TRUE leader...!!! BO must GO..!!
much worse it would be under romney.he would only watch out for the wealthy and to heck with everyone else.more tax breaks,no tax on luxury items 2d homes ,yachts ,cars ,airplanes,etc..keeping tax on income from investments lower then the 99ers.
Thats all you got Scorpio, really?
Tell us all how taxing the rich more will help you?
To be honest taxing the rich more does nothing for me.
51% of ths country pays no tax at all, they enjoy, police, fire, emergency services, Socal security dis-abilty, medicaid, medcare, welfare, the protecton of all our armed forces, education, they didn't have to pay for a thing.
At what pont do you think these freeloaders, should chip in and join the party?
At what point do you think they should do something good for this country besides take and take and take.

And by the way, the fact that you are only worried about what the rich has, tells me you have no real clue, as to what your about to lose if Hussien gets re-elected.
Do you value your freedom as a US CITIZEN ?
Jeeeze scorpio, do you ever get tired of whining about what other people have? You had the same opportunity to be successful as the rest of us! You're in the land of opportunity! Why are you a miserable failure? Are you stupid or just lazy?
Investment income is taxed lower than earned income because it was ALREADY TAXED as earned income when it was earned, you insufferable little mook. This is the SECOND TIME IT IS BEING TAXED, NUMBNUTS! Why are you democrats so f---ing stupid?
Another thing Scorpio, Tell us how you feel about Hussein giving those big bail-outs to Ceo's so they could get their big bonuses, If Barry was going after those rich fat Kats, why oh why did he give them Billions........??????
must be so he could tax them more.
Do you care about your freedoms or are you just worried about the all mighty buck.. O bama sucks and needs to be thrown to the curb.. Some one should have taken him out a long time ago..
Very well said everybody..!
Just remember to spread the word and remember this in November..!!!
Amy man who has taken this country and turned it into failure while he's enjoying things that other folks can't because of his actions doesn't deserve anything, let alone a second chance.!!!
All have to say is you racist a$$ , hateful, pitful trash talking Republican, Conservatives,Tea Party out of touch folks never to get with today world you people are misable folks ,if one don't agree with your sick mind you call them names cuss the out on an open forum how stupid can you be. To this point how the hell not taxing the rich is going to help you or me. I do know your point about creating jobs is a lie. If that was the case there wouldn't be so many people out of work , where is the jobs the newly elected Republican party of 2010 was suppose to be about.Bull instead they want to get in women wombs or if you want to say their uterus , people bedroom and people right to vote by trying to jim crow them for the election.You wouldn't have a problem if the money had been given to any other city but Detroit that way many middle class Black's would have been out of jobs or the Union which support the Democrats such a racist bunch and I mean this in the worst way. Stop all this DOG WHISTLE Sh$$.
Temptustoo, Who hell are you to say something like the "some one should have taken him out a long time ago" meaning the President . Listen !!you ass--le , you have free speech but you can't be threating the President! that just show how much your dumb a$$ know or you just waiting for the secret service to be knocking at your door. We can arrange that too.
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