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Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Chris Matthews: There's a real level of national hatred for President Obama I've never seen before

Liberals have a hatred of anyone who opposes them. You can see that in comments section of articles on the net. They give nothing to back up their claim and ignore the facts given to them on a subject of controversy.
Chris Matthews is a flaming a$$ho1e, liar, drunken, douche bag, fuque face............................He lives in another dimension....inside the beltway too long has roached his tiny racist fascist brain.
Screw your 'left' and 'right', Chris. Americans have hated Bush and Obama equally because they both trashed the constitution and the economy and both fought illegal wars for resources, killing innocent civilians and destroying countries that have done nothing to us.
yes,but if he lets the tax breaks for the wealthy to expire,i'll vote for him over the wealthy romney.
Scorpio, The Liberal media, Has been very mis-leading,
in fact they are down right liars, they work for the people who want socialism in this country, re-distribution of wealth, why ? Because they will become wealthier and more powerful, in fact they want to rule the world.
Now having said that, they coined the phrase, " The Bush tax cuts for the wealthy"
they are actually called
The reconciliation acts of 2001 and 2003
Economic growth and tax relief 2001
Jobs and growth tax relief 2003
1. all tax rates were cut, ( for everybody )
2. reduced capital gains tax ( again for everybody )
3. Increased the child tax credit ( which Obama took away)
4. Eliminated the marriage penalty.
5. Reduced the small business tax ( to help private sector small business grow and hire )
If you think this was just for the wealthy think again.
Most of the Billionaires and Millionaires in this country pay more in tax in one year than most of us will make in a lifetime.
And what is making them pay more going to do for you ?
Do you think someone should just fork it over to you ?
When you consider the biggest corporations that don't pay tax at all....are Obama supporters.
The government is taxing us to death, to pay for programs they are even supposed to be in.
Bail-outs, not the government job to bail companies out.
Student loans ? the government is not supposed to be in the loan business, why do you think the universities have jacked the cost of education up, cause the government is footing the bill.
Health care, again , not the governments responsibility, or do you think if they tax the rich some more , you'll get free healthcare, free food, won't have to do a   thing all day, the rest of the country can take care of you.
You think taxing the rich is some sort of comeuppance or payback for the fact you didn't try hard enough to suceed.
Of course the conservative media is spot-on every time.
The redistribution of wealth is already going on... you've just got it backwards.
All those American manufacturing jobs shipped overseas so we could have cheaper goods... have you seen the cost of anything come down?   No we lost jobs and the price of goods have only increased. Of course the salary of the average CEO compared to his employees has skyrocketed.
Insider trading is illegal.. unless of course your in Congress then you can make a fortune doing it without having to worry about a reprisal.
This is not a question of liberals and conservatives, that's just how they get the weak minded to look the other way. Profit motive it's what it's all about, and it's redistributing the wealth out of the middle class consumers hands into another jet or yacht for the 1 % ers.
Somebody has floated this rumor that the rich work "harder" than everyone else... I know a lot of poor people busting their ass on 2 or three jobs. How hard did Mitt Romney have to work to earn 20 million last year?

Well, AC, I understand your point of view, let'start with jobs going overseas, Many of the jobs that left Detroit were directly caused by the unions , they kept wanting more and more, until the someone said enough, were out of here.
Clinton opened the door for China to ship anything and everything here, thaT HURT. Remember " buy American"
Clinton and his good union buddies also made it easier for people to buy houses and get credit cards, they didn't know how to handle finances to begin with, that caused the housing bubble to burst some years later, which cost even more jobs.
Sorry if you can't afford it, you can't have it.
Insider trading, well, let's go to Obama and friends, where they all had stock in the xray machines that got installed at the airports, I think everyone on the government who got filthy rich on insider trading needs to go to prison.
Now as far as Mitts income, it's his, he earned it, does not matter how hard he worked or didn't work, I refuse to cave into class envy, especially since me and my husband have awful jobs, but we get up everyday and go. we have both been working for 35 years.
What else do I have a problem with, All the CEO BONUSES THEY WERE PAID WITH OBAMAS STIMULAS MONEY, TAX PAYER MONEY. Bail out money.
If a CEO is paid well and it's on the up and up, then you boycott the product, if you don't like it. theres nothing wrong with making money, there is with taking money.
And as far as the Poor, well, maybe they should have payed more attention in school, maybe they shouldn't have bought houses they couldn't afford, or rack up credit card debt, or have kids they knew they couldn't clothe or feed.
The rest of us are paying for other peoples bad choices in life.
This country offers education k-12...if you want a college education, work your way thru like I did.
Live within your means, and learn to save, stop worrying what someone else has, it just sounds jealous and childish.

Well put Sully, I agree 100%.
ACPutz ,well said ! Chris Matthew is telling the truth also these Hate Monger can't see it for their green eye monster staring them in the face .The ones who can't think for themselves they are repeating talking points "Class Envy" No! it's fairness in the tax system. That why you go to college so you don't have work hard with your hands , but with your mind.For years most of the poor Whites have voted against their best interest especially in the South for the hatred of the Blacks and now Latinos.Rich folks don't give a sh$t about your poor White a$$ either.
Louise, did you check out Star Parker's site yet and/or order any of her books?
Your right weezy, I think the poor whites keep voting against their best interest, they keep voting fot Demorats.
Poor whites elected obama, weezy.
They vote for food stamps and free stuff the same as any other scammers.
Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go watch Full Throttle Saloon.

Louise is a dude that smokes crack. Check out the reaction I got from the race baiter on a previous blog post a few days from trusee. Here are the comments after it compared a criminal arrest with 60's era events. First let me tell you, I participated in those protests in the 60's cause I grew up in DC. So when I see morons like this crack smoking idiot "louise black" race bait I see for what it is, BU11sh1t, dude you are BU11Sh1t, and you are irrelevant I am tired of your BU11sh1t.

Louise smokes crack, I am sure, and I think it is a dude.
# posted by jarasan : 6:02 PM

You , Sponge Bob sidekick are a piece of despicable shi$t and you just worry about your trashy a$$ smoking Meth and try to not look like your homey as frog woman(Brewer) Crappy Trash.
# posted by louise black : 10:01 PM

Looks like I struck a nerve dude. If you move to Amsterdam dude you can get free crack pipes.
# posted by jarasan : 9:47 PM

This character louise black is a bad actor, a dude, pretending to be something that he isn't. You got your transvestites and then you got transtrolltites. And louise is not a weezy, he is a race baiting trolliee with a drug problem and a desire to anger people. This "whatever it is" has yet to post a rational, factual, or informative comment yet.

And don't ever talk bad about Patrick, Patrick Star may be a bit slow, but he knows unconditional love.

And I'll say it right here, I'll pay a full Platinum Membership for 1 year to block this jerk. PM me Todd I ain't kidding.

All I can say Sully is that I guess the view is always the same when you refuse to turn your head.   But do you ever wonder you might be missing out on something else?
AC, It's not about refusing to turn my head, it's about being fed up, I don't want the government controlling every aspect of my life, They are stripping away our freedom.
It's about what our children and grandchildren will be missing out on.
When you take away choice, you take away equality.

I don't need the food police, the recycling police, the seat belt police, neighbor spying on neighbor.
I don't need people in government creating laws that are designed to take my money, Health care bill is nothing more than a giant ponzi, now I have read as much of it as possible, most of it remains hidden, the people who signed this bill, didn't even read it, they work for us and still refuse to listen to us.
I don't need to be x-rayed and searched at the airport, while drug dealers and criminals are allowed to flow freely across our border, and our government is suing the states for inforcing the law.
I am tired of people becoming lazy and apathetic, and the only thing that matters to them are material things.
They somehow deserve things they didn't earn, because they are sad and poor, really?
The government is taking away the abiity for people to stand on their own 2 feet and make their own decisions.
They don't know whats best for us.
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