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Monday, February 06, 2012


Bill would ban buying sweets with food stamps

Good, it's about time.
Food stamps should have strict stipulations on what you can buy with them.
And you should have to pass a drug and alcohol test every month before you get them.
Don't like it? Go to work and buy whatever you want.
Food stamps are for those in need of assisatance that fall within the income requirements to qualify. Eliminating sweet products that contain sugar will eliminate a whole lot of products. Eliminating sweet products will only increase in the purchase of bagged sugar.
I am not against food assistance but I think a review of the income qualifications needs to take place. With the cost of living where it is to just mainatain basic needs costs a fair amount of money.
Look up photos of LBJ when he was promoting food assistance.

Who are you people to dictate , what people can buy with whatever form of payment they have for food(Mr or Ms" keep government out of our lives" only if your not poor I guess ) but don't worry it will never happen.As that famous line goes "Let them eat cake" LOL haha!
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