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Friday, February 10, 2012


Angry father shoots daughter's laptop with .45 pistol after she complains about chores on Facebook

Poor, innocent laptop. You can tell which people are raising the next generation of entitlement-minded criminals by the ones that side with the daughter. The prison-industrial complex frowns on parental actions that threaten its future "customer" base.
He oughta be made Father of the Year. It's about time someone got back to using common sense after generations of liberal touchy-feely nonsense. I'da blowed that sumbitch to hell my own self too.
I had my computer mouse givin' me problems a couple years ago and I took it out in front of the house and blasted the sh*t out of it with my .40.
I was gonna blow the hell out of this dam Maytag POS washing machine too but the old lady talked me out of it. Now it's sittin' in the barn. $900 washer, rustin away. I'm gonna shoot the hell out of that thing in the barn when I get a chance. I bought her a $299 Kenmore and it purrs like a kitten, no problems whatsoever. And it uses a tub full of water so the soap can get rinsed out of the clothes. That dam Maytag had dry clothes sittin' up on top of the little bit of water in the dam thing. I hated that dam thing. I'm still gonna shoot that sumbitch.
Ridge's idea of shooting up a washing machine sounds like more fun.
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