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Thursday, November 29, 2012


Pelosi: 'The People Have Spoken,' Raise Taxes on 'People at the High End'

Isn't it about time she took a Hike....!
Go for it Pelosi.
Time for the GOP to sit back and let the Dems put it on the table on what they want.
They want it they own it.
If the country goes further into the s**tter, so be it.
Let's start with you, Pelosi. Nancy Pelosi made up to $5 million in offshore investments last year. How much will you pay? Pelosi is also a small investor in the embattled “Moduslink Global,” one of the “outsourcing pioneers” that Mitt Romney has been criticized for associating with while at Bain Capital.

Well, if she's any part of profiting off of other's lost jobs and intentional shut-downs, then she should be put on the chopping block, too. If she and Mitt are doing the same thing in the same place, then why isn't anyone here slamming Mitt as well. This is what's wrong with all of you...NO BALANCE whatsoever. If your guys or gals are doing bad business, it's okay by you and you refuse to comment on them.

When it's a (D) that's in the wrong, you wear out your keyboard expressing your feelings. In all honesty, that's about right for wannabe (R)...afraid to stand on their own two feet of righteousness.
The revenue gained by the increased taxes on the wealthy is projected to cover an additional EIGHT DAYS of the Democrats' insane spending spree. Wow. Then what?
That will barely pay for the new $50 billion stimulus (slush fund) Numbnuts has planned for next year.
And he said he'll figure out where to cut spending LATER. Yeah, right. Just like always.
What a disaster.
But the stupid people love him cuz of the free stuff.
They're all bought and paid for.
With crumbs from Massuh's table.
Yessuh, Boss!

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