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Friday, November 30, 2012


FUNNY: The Internet Reacts To Romney Awkwardly Shaking Hands With Obama In White House

Romney conceded the election with dignity and respect.
Why he'd want to visit that guy, I have no idea.
I would have told Bathhouse Barry "Some other time, dude."
Well, Romney had the total option of simply saying, "No." However, Gov. Romney is a "REAL MAN" and conducted himself as such by accepting and entertaining ideas and possibilities...over a nice spread at that. It's the equivalent of a dam* good boxing match going the duration. At the end of the bout, the boxers simply tap gloves, or, something within that realm to show RESPECT for each other.

Only dumb and immature men act out with a refusal to interact with whom they've lost to. Romney didn't run away with his tail tucked between his legs, or, backed away like a crawfish as many here would do as sore losers. He simply manned-up and handled his business. He has the balls that only most (R) here wish they had. The guy has my respect.
You don't have to use that many words to let us know you're an idiot, Loser.
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