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Convincing evidence Hillary Clinton has Parkinson's disease

Like lots of people I have felt for a while that something is wrong with Hillary Clinton, and it's being hidden — but I have dismissed the idea that it's Parkinson's disease because I always thought that Parkinson's shows up as mainly shaking hands, and she doesn't seem to have that.

So today I got a recommendation to check out a couple of videos put out by a medical doctor.  I must say, they are very convincing.  My main wish is that the guy would not have put his political opinions in the video because many people will seize upon that to discredit him, ignoring all of the medical proof in the video. 

So I'd recommend giving the videos a watch and see what you think.  I personally think everything clicks into place — especially the recent episode with her being dragged into her van after collapsing.  The way that episode is described in the video makes perfect sense, and totally discredits the whole "dehydrated and overheated" excuse.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Media lying about gun used by Dallas shooter

Once again, the dishonest media — and President Obama — is using deception to try to ban guns and strip us of our 2nd amendment rights.

Immediately after the dreadful shooting the dishonest media — and President Obama — stated that the gunman used an "assault rifle" to murder the cops.  They say this, of course, to build public resentment over guns so they can eventually ban them.

First of all, the term "assault rifle" is a term cooked up by anti-gun people.  It's a nonsensical term that in reality does not exist.  The "AR" in the AR-15 gun model stands for "ArmaLite", not "assault rifle".

So all the crowing about "assault rifles should be banned" is a load of crap.  An AR-15 is not a "military grade" weapon (another nonsensical term), and it is not an "assault rifle".  It is a .22 caliber rifle, which has less stopping power than even a 9mm handgun.

Now, coming back to the Dallas shooter, and the dishonest media's — and President Obama's — claim about the shooter using an "assault rifle".


The rifle he used has a standard wood stock — not the "scary-evil" black frame of an AR-15.

The rifle he used has an angled grip — not the "scary-evil" pistol grip of an AR-15.

The rifle he used has a fixed 10-round magazine — not the detachable magazine of an AR-15.

I write those "scary-evil" parts about the AR-15 to demonstrate how ludicrous all the media hype is about the AR-15.  (Because their intent is to ban guns, not to inform the public of facts.)

Here's the article describing the Dallas shooter's gun:

Silence the Internet

Howard Stern goes off on post-Orlando gun control push

"What if I went up to the sheep and I said, 'You wanna have a shot at the wolves? I'm gonna give you a pistol.'"

Howard Stern went off on gun control advocates who want to "take away guns from the public," saying it was an unbelievable response to the Orlando terror attack.

Warning: contains profanity