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Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Finally A "Religious" Monument To Which The Democrats Won't Object

Our Troll will be happy that his side, the Democrats, are finally represented by a monument to their god.

What has this world come to?
satan is a loser, worse than a troll................but nevertheless similar.
Trust me every Christian Conservative in Oklahoma is fighting this crap!!!! We will not stand for this.
The DROLP troll is smiling somewhere about now.
Should have one in the white house prayer room.
Did you see the artist's rendering of what the statue might look like? It's the goat-headed Baphomet sitting on a throne under a pentagram w/ a little girl on one side and a little boy on the other. I swear, the boy looks just like a young Barack.
I just looked Mike and you're right, it does look like him.
The girl must be Valerie Jarrett telling him what to say.
And what to do.
And what to think.
Kinda like she does now.
Nailed it, Ridge.   I don't think the satanic monument will fly, not legally. If I were a lawyer, I'd argue that the 10 Commandments monument is historical, not religious, being a code of laws and perfectly legal as an exhibit on public property.

I'm not a very good photographer nor do I have a very good camera, but I've always liked this photo at the Cross of Our Lord near Groom Texas on I-40. (hope that makes a link)
Great picture with the reflection of the Cross on it, Mike, I like that.
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