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Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Video - Are Obama's Kids More Important Than Ours?

He apparently thinks so.

Obama and his fellow Democrat Muckety-Mucks take the NRA's advice on protecting their kids - but ours are left defenseless.

THEY keep making laws and policies and standards for US that don't apply to THEM.

WE get what's left of Social Security after they looted it and made it a Ponzi Scheme.
THEY get a gold-plated retirement package and pension.

WE get Obamacare.
THEY get a gold-plated 100% top-notch medical plan for them and their families for life.

WE have to leave our kids defenseless in a federally mandated gun-free-school so homicidal maniacs can come and slaughter them at will because they know there's nobody with guns there to shoot back.
THEY have armed guards to protect their kids in school and call us crazy for wanting the same thing.

How much longer are we going to put up with this bullsh*t?   

They live on snob hill. Of course they need protecting.
Yes indeed...!
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