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Monday, January 21, 2013


Response To wnnnr's Comment In CajunWin4's Blog

CajunWin4's Blog was locked after wnnnr's response to me, so I'll respond to it here instead.
Here's winnnr's comment:
Comment by winnnr - Yesterday, 4:56 pm
@rdgrnr What are guns made for?  To kill!  Who needs that many rounds for practice to go hunting?  If they use that many rounds whatever they're hunting would be torn up so bad what good would it be?  Seems to me you're the perfect stooge.  You've been watching too much faux news on the propaganda station. I pray that God helps you find compassion for people instead of guns.
And my response:
WTF are you talking about? Why do you gun-control-nuts keep talking about hunting and what is needed for hunting? And how many rounds it takes to kill a deer? And all this talk about practice and target shooting and gun competitions and sport shooting all the time and what it requires?
Do you honestly think any of those things have anything to do with the 2nd Amendment?
Are you that frigging stupid?   
Have you ever been to school?
Have you ever read a history book?
Have you been under a rock somewhere during all the controversy since Newtown about our gun rights and everybody and their sister Sarah explaining them?
Have you ever heard of the 2nd Amendment?
Do you have even a clue as to  what it entails or why it's in the Bill of Rights?
Did you just get off the bus from Palookaville?
Never mind, wnnnr, don't bother answering. I already know your answers and I know your logic. Based on your intellect, I even know who you voted for. You're one of the low-information people that your party depends on to tout their propaganda and keep them in office. And you do a fine job of it.
There's a whole world full of documented history and information out there but you choose to believe in the sound-byte talking-points of the Left instead. People like you swoon when Governor Cuomo screams that nobody needs more than 10 rounds to kill a deer. You're incapable of thinking for yourself or too lazy, I don't know which.
I'm not going to bother trying to educate you here about the intricacies and critical value of our God-Given-Rights and why Thomas Jefferson demanded that they be put in writing and guaranteed in our Constitution.
Let me just tell you this: The 2nd Amendment doesn't have anything to do with hunting or sport and it never did. It is solely for the purpose of self-defense against any person or entity that threatens your wellbeing or freedom, whether it be common criminals or tyrannical government. 
And this: The government doesn't decide what freedoms we can or cannot have. Our freedom comes from nature and nature's God. We are born free and thank God our Founders saw fit to put that into a written contract so there was no mistaking the fact that we came from tyranny and would never allow it to creep into and rule over our lives again.
And we can see why our Constitution is so critically important in this day and age as we face a government that wants too take our freedom and liberty away, a little piece at a time with the acquiescence of an ill-informed segment of the populace. This is exactly what Jefferson warned us about. Because he witnessed how power could corrupt and he knew it always would.
What I wish people like you could understand is that government is supposed to work for us and obey our rules - not rule over us.
They are our employees - not our Rulers. They are supposed to do what we tell them to do and there are explicit and specific things they are supposed to do and they're all stipulated in the Constitution. If it is not specifically assigned to them in the Constitution - they are not allowed to do it. Period. Even that is stipulated in the 10th Amendment.
Please educate yourself before making crazy statements.   

Yes. So true. The government isn't our boss. They are our employees. We hire them to represent all of the people. Just like police officers. They are public servants. They serve US not the other way around. That is how it is suppose to be. Unfortunately that has been lost. I think it's time to start a new revolution to bring this back. Having guns is our right whether it's a single shot or AK-47. The thing with anything is that you have to be responsible. That is why there is what's known as 'rule of law'. Every community is suppose to have it. If you step outside of that then that's when all hell breaks lose.
They don't get it Ridge and they never will, Even as they are being rounded up like cattle, they will be to stupid to understand.
You can't fix stupid.
This deserves no response. You're right emilyg, you can't fix stupid or uncompassionate, racists, or evil.
She was referring to you, wnnnr.

Good job playing the race card though.

Always remember now, when anybody disagrees with you or they prove you wrong about something and you don't have a leg to stand on or the cerebral wherewithal to defend yourself, just call them a racist. That'll teach 'em. People will know you're a real genius for sure then.
amen to your reading appendix, and Amen to your response Ridge.
@EM, Stupid could not be fixed, left to wander..!
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