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Thursday, March 29, 2012


Libs Are Hypocrites and Cowards No Matter What Color They Are

Ten black people were killed, gunned down in Chicago on the St Patrick's Day weekend including a six year old little girl sitting on her grandmother's lap on their front porch and not a peep out of the liberal black community or the liberal press.

It's apparently ok to kill them as long as you're a black gangbanger.

And I wonder why the black panthers are so brave and tough with the hispanic Zimmerman but afraid of the gangbangers? Where are the "Wanted Dead or Alive" posters for the gangbangers?

Hypocrites and Cowards - every last one of 'em.

An old, ugly, ignorant, hateful, bigot, hillbilly, white man found himself standing in front of St. Peter.

St. Peter told him that he had good deeds and bad deeds so some questions needed to be asked before a decision could be made.   

St. Peter asked the old, ugly, ignorant, hateful, bigot, hillbilly, white man to name his good deeds since his bigotry against democrats and black people were so profound that his good deeds had to be greater.

The old, ugly, ignorant, bigot, hateful, hillybilly white man named his good deeds but St. Peter was still divided on the decision. St. Peter asked the old, ugly, hateful, bigot hillybilly white man to name one more good deed.

The old, ugly, ignorant, hateful, bigot, hillbilly white man told St. Peter that he was driving down the road in his old hillybilly truck and saw some members of the black panthers party. He stopped and asked them the question "Where are the "Wanted Dead or Alive" posters for the gangbangers?"

He wanted to help the guy who had killed a black boy and this question was very important to him.

The old, ugly, ignorant, hateful, bigot, hillbilly, white man shouted out to the Black Panthers "Hypocrites and Cowards - every last one of you."

St. Peter asked the old, ugly, ignorant, bigot, hillbilly white man "when did that happen" and the old, ugly, hateful, bigot, hillbilly white man answered, just a minutes ago.
What I got out of Ridge's comment is that the supermedia will get on a story like the Martin story and ride it for all they can, because it stirs everybody up, and hey, that kind of news sells like nothing else. Black people are gunned down by blacks, and that's not news. Hell, it happens every day. That doesn't sell. White people that shoot blacks, then you got the Jesse Jacksons and Al Sharptons coming out of the woodwork. Isn't kinda odd that those 2 jokers are never heard from when blacks kill blacks?
The media is left wing liberal bent. Always has been, and always will be.
"The old, ugly, ignorant, hateful, bigot, hillbilly, white man......"

You outted yourself there, Tenaj. By repeating this line several times in your post tells me you are all of those things except "man". So just what exactly is your problem besides being old, ugly, ignorant, hateful, bigot, hillbilly?
That's right, buckeye, thank you. They're all too scared to say anything to the black gangbangers for killing their kids but they want to kill the hispanic cuz he won't drive by and shoot everybody sitting on the porch tomorrow night. Hypocrites and Cowards - every last one of 'em.
And jan-jan is the biggest hypocrite and coward of them all.
And if anybody can make any sense out of her post please let me know what the point was cuz I read it 3 or 4 times and can't figure it out outside of the seething hatred for the truth.
Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and the Black Panthers will NEVER say a word about that little six year old black girl gunned down by black gangbangers while sitting in her mother's lap on her own front porch. NEVER!
Cuz they're scared of the gangbangers and they're all hypocrites and cowards just like jan-jan.
Ain't that right, jan-jan?
You might let 'em kill your kids and sit there with your thumb up your ass, jan-jan, you cowardly old wrinkled up hag but I shoot back. You're a cowardly disgrace for letting those dirtbags kill your kids cuz you're too scared to do anything. You're pathetic.

Janet fail, your $h1tty sonnet reeks of racist ignorant hate. Ishtar shall be greeting thee if you don't free yourself of this hate.

BTW...... The New Black Panther Party may want to rethink its mission objectives. Oh yeah, who is Ishtar???????

"Ishtar (Astarte), the daughter of the Moon, set her mind.
To the dark house, the abode of Irkalla,
To the house which none leave who have entered it,
To the road from which there is no way back,
To the house wherein the entrants are bereft of light,
Where dust is their fare and clay their food,
Where they see no light, residing in darkness,
Where they are clothed like birds, with wings for garments,
And where over door and bolt is spread dust.

When Ishtar reached the gate of the Land of No Return (The Netherword or Hell),
She said to the gatekeeper:
"O gatekeeper, open thy gate,
Open thy gate so I may enter!

If thou openest not the gate so that I cannot enter,
I will smash the door, I will shatter the bolt,
I will smash the doorpost, I will move the doors,
I will raise up the dead eating the living,
So that the dead will outnumber the living."

The gatekeeper opened his mouth to speak,

Saying to exalted Ishtar:
"Stop, my lady, do not throw it down!
I will go to announce thy name to Queen Ereshkigal."
The gatekeeper entered, saying to Ereshkigal (Ishtar or Inanna's sister):
"Behold, they sister Ishtar is waiting at the gate,

She who upholds the great festivals,
Who stirs up the deep before Ea, the king."

We are not talking about the the shooting in Chicago and according to my cousins there was a meeting there with the neighborhood association on this matter.This wasn't a case of race it was a case of right and wrong . This man kill a perfectly good young man.It was a profiling case the 911 tapes clearly shows that. What get us are this has been going long before there was gangbangers ,Blacks men and women was treated as property and no sanctity for life. It's strange that the only Black that these people, the hate monger like are the Stockholm Syndrome Blacks. I will never forget all the lynching and rapes of our people in this country by the same hatful ,hate monger on the right today under what they call "we want our country back crap" that why we can take this case with Tracyvon to the world and say enough of this blatant institutional racism.You always want to say that the Jews have a right to be compensated for their being wrong but not the Blacks. But after all their skin is of the same shade.So that the reasoning behind this sick and tired of being wrong by this country and law enforcement after all this a country of laws. Simple it has to change.I beg the differ they are long from being cowards.As for Tenaj the question was: you asked "where is the wanted dead or alive gandbanger poster for the guy that kill the black boy, I want to help him" go figure. Maybe this will be the last one if these people in this start to understand our children are as important as their. Black young men are as important as white. Equal ground , justice for all. Good day!
Did you see the news today Louise, 3 MICHIGAN School districts under lockdown today because of the Trayvon Martin case, Northville, Farmington and Livonia, all predominately white, my son's school was one of them, seems someone feels the need to kill white kids over this.
I blame the media for making this racial, Zimmerman is a nut and needs to be put to sleep, but for someone to make threats against thousands of schoolkids.
what the hell is wrong with this world.?
Louise said: "our children are as important as their."
Then why don't you rise up against the blacks who killed that 6 yr old little girl on her mother's lap, Louise?
Where is the compassion for her?
Where are Jackson and Sharpton?
Where is the liberal media outrage?
Doesn't that little black girl count?
Why not, Louise?
Why are you so dam afraid of your own people?
Why won't you demand an end to this drive-by killing?
I'll tell you why, Louise.
Cuz you're all a bunch of frauds and phonies and hypocrites and cowards.
You have no credibility.
rdgrner....check out the following story ...

The parents of two British students murdered in Florida have criticised President Barack Obama for his lack of compassion over their sons' deaths.
i put this in the category of gods'mistakes sorta like rush limbaugh being allowed on this earth.
I will stop trying to make you people understand the flight of Black America.It's never enough when it come to us . We can be the brightest and have the most talent. According to this mess up society we are not good enouh in your books. Well the hell with it! Stop! Stop! the BS about the children I would bet my life, a white would get a better treatment leaving their babies in the hand of a Black than a Black leaving theirs.Oh! wait a minute that has already been proven" The South" Don't forget to watch the "HELP" Don't insult me by talking about my concerns for little black girls I have one that I blog about a lot, go peddle your insults on someone else ,I am not having it. You will not distort views.
Still I say again to the the old, ugly, ignorant, hateful, bigot, hillbilly, white man- SAY IT TO THEIR FACES! Since you so   brave. That was my point. In case you missed it.

Why don't you go tell the black gangbangers and the black panthers what you think. I thought not.
Janet fail again! You A$$ume too much...... A$$ usual. Your narrow world view and myopic life experience has roached your sensibilities and ability to learn and or reason. I suggest you visit a shrink, it might help, (psychiatrist) they can prescribe you some meds.
And still I say to the old dried up hag, jan-jan - they ain't killing my kids you dumb bitch, they're killing yours, you stanky old skank. If they were killing MY KIDS they'd be DEAD.
Ain't there ONE MAN in your community who will stand up to those punks?
Ain't there ONE WOMAN who will defend her kids against those low-life murderers?
What the F*ck are you all so AFRAID of?
THEY"RE KILLING YOUR F'ing KIDS, you f'ing moron!
Dumbass crackhead bitch.
Why all this hate ridge, I thought we were past this kind of personal attacks. Profanity and calling names are a form of insecurity. I must admit I have had rants when being p.o. but nothing like this , one might think you're a bigot.
Why didn't you say anything about jan-jan's namecalling and the fact that she started it, Louise?
Why does it apply to me when I respond but not to that no-mind, hateful, racist, old dried-up skank that started it?
She's the bigot.
I didn't make any racial references but she said the words HILLBILLY WHITE MAN six times in one post!
I never mentioned her race once.
But I guess you missed that.
See how you discriminate, Louise?
Yes, your right we all should refrain from name calling and personal attacks it's silly.I didn't say you was ,but however made an observation one might think this from your words.Ridge ,you know you can be down right abusive with words.I wonder out one day and read your blog I was so upset at what I had read I couldn't read again for weeks.
Well I'm sorry about that Louise but I give people the same amount of respect they give me.
And she came right out the gate with the old racist white hillbilly nonsense and I gave it back to her.
And I don't call anybody racist names because I wasn't brought up that way.
But janet apparently came from a hateful racist family and that's why she makes those hateful racist remarks. She must be a very sad person and I feel sorry for her.
I've come to the conclusion, rdgrnr is right. Why hasn't Sharpton and Jackson made any comments about the funeral home shooting in Miami? Where are all the media crying for justice. Not one word, when it's a black-on-black shooting.
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