Tuesday, February 19, 2013

What Is IT ?

The more you have of it, the less you see. What is it?


At 9:36 PM, MADDOG10 said...

It, would be DARKNESS.

At 9:49 PM, onlymoney said...


At 9:58 PM, CajunWin4 said...

What does man love more than life
Fear more than death or mortal strife
What the poor have, the rich require,
and what contented men desire,
What the miser spends and the spendthrift saves
And all men carry to their graves?

At 10:30 PM, onlymoney said...

@ Cajun,
What does man love more than life?

Longer life?

My answer to this riddle would be the following. There are too many variables to make a wise decision at this point. lol

Lots of situations can easily fit into that generalized presentation you submitted. LOL

At 10:32 PM, onlymoney said...

All kidding aside, my answer to Cajun's riddle is...I'll say EGO?

At 10:41 PM, CajunWin4 said...

My Answer to riddle : ( My Riddle )
The answer to this question is nothing. If you are content, then you ask nor want any thing, the truely poor have nothing, the rich require nothing, because they can buy it all. Misers are all tightwads, and spendthrifts save not a cent. And you carry nothing to the grave when you die, because you are no longer there, that is just your empty casing. So the answer, again, is nothing.

At 12:22 AM, onlymoney said...

Thank You Cajun, but i live in a material world. I need provisions, income, follow through, and commitment. I try not to miss a beat. Once you miss a beat, it takes 3 times the energy to regain that missed step. Been there many times, one step forward, two steps back.

Money won't solve most problems, but it WILL easy the pain greatly along the way. lol

At 12:24 AM, onlymoney said...

Bottom Line...it's all about MONEY. and as much as I can get my hands on. Life is short so stop beating around the bush with the lovy dovy cute stuff huh? ..LOl

Warm fuzzy feelings VS. A BILLION BUCKS.


At 12:02 PM, ochoop17 said...

Right on MADDOG.

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