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Pick-3 for Dummies Tuesday 01/15/2013

Quick Nickels Pick-3 for Tuesday 01/15/2013

124 894 328 264 179 969 570 630 750 235

Among these numbers are three (3) Hot Pick-3 numbers for the day; these are the best of the TEN (10) numbers and those my computer picked to have the best chance to fall within a few days.

Increase your chances of winning with Table 3 Numbers; send me a private message for more details.

To see past winning numbers check out my prior thread,

 "Pick-3 for Dummies Week of Saturday 01/05/2013 – Friday 01/18/2013”

Follow this link right here on the Lottery Post: http://www.lotterypost.com/thread/255292

Thank you.



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