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Saturday, July 12, 2014


This is over the top. MS-13 entering and recruiting.

Personally I have no problem with hard working people from anywhere,  but when it comes to gang members..................there is only one answer,  buh bye.


Right now, in El Salvador la sombra negra (black shadow) is summarily executing gang members because it is out of control,  the sombra are former police military etc...    If you have gang marking tats, yo head is gonna come off after they kill you,  why do you think the MS13'rs are coming here?????????????????

No No

Thursday, July 10, 2014


Lerner is going to the clincky.

The irs criminal is going to start singing.

clicky here:


Hopefully she has her affairs in order,  you know,  now that she has retired and collecting a fat pension.  Jail is a reality normal people abhor.  We'll see what, who, when is what if she lives long enough to enjoy a prison cell wall pattern.


Sunday, July 06, 2014


Confounded computer models can't compute 2.1M sq miles of "extra ice"

When are people gonna wise up to the hoax???????  Especially the not a scintilla of scientific understanding and less intellectual honesty libtards.

click here and celebrate that the next most populous mammal species after us the Crabeater seal lives there,  15 million of them.

from the mail online:


Smiley Santa

Thursday, July 03, 2014


Joan Rivers shocking comment.

For Gods' sake the woman rocks, is a comedienne is like 80 something,  and tells it like it is.  She says the barry crack pie prezzy is fruity and moochelle has a dual thing going on.

So what?????????  Can't comediennes be right and funny anymore????????

linked from Drudge:


Wednesday, July 02, 2014


The lost emails.

Please pick me!!!!!!!! I know exactly how to investigate this aberrant IRS lie.  1st agenda item where are the email servers residing and hosted?,  2nd all administrative credentials for ALL servers,  a schema of ALL IRS IT infrastructure.   I dam guarantee you I could  find them all within 72 hours OR WHO DELETED REMOVED HID ETC...  Bet me.  I'll go $25k.  BET ME. Give me a chance.

No No


Tuesday, June 24, 2014


The face of a partisan fascist.

Of all the agencies where we expect no bias,   we have this demoncRAT piece of sh1t running the irs.  This jerk gave over $100K to demoncRATS over the past few years,  a rich govt. employee,  imagine that.  Abolish the irs!   It should be closed and replaced with a flat tax so this crap and abuse of power ends NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Koskinen is pissing on the Constitution!!!!!!!!!!!!!  He should be in jail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kokey Fascist running the irs,  pissing on you.

PS elijah cummings is guilty of crimes against Americans and is a bigger pos than kokey.

Monday, June 23, 2014


Tape back ups??

The talking heads and the irs are talking about the TAPE BACKUPS.   For all you geeks out there you know that is an archaic time consuming method of data back up.....where on earth do you buy the media anymore??????????????? I think the largest capacity for DAT for eg. was 4GB and they are obsolete.   We are being pissed on by  barry and the irs.   Impeachment and govt. shutdown is the only remedy,  except the military,  all depts. need to be shuttered and congress should replace all of it with non federal management  vetted thru fair bid process.

We are being governed by criminal fascists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Patrick peed off.


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