Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Democrats, EPA crack down on wood-burning at home


Democrats, EPA crack down on wood-burning at home

The lawsuit comes just after the EPA “cracked down” on wood-burning stoves by banning 80 percent of them from use

wirtittgrotfdawp...end rant!
Democrats don't like all this talk going around about "getting off the grid" and they're going to make dam sure you can't, one way or the other.
The Democrat goal is TOTAL GOVERNMENT CONTROL over EVERY aspect of our lives.

I am very angry, we burn wood, my 88 dollar gas bill vs a 400 dollar gas bill.
My husband and son spend the better parts of sept and oct chopping wood.
We are also the" go to "house for power outages, any elderly relatives as well as those with small children come here, everyone knows the procedure, I keep extra bottled water and ready to eat foods, this is not a casual trip to the store, I start my stocking up in sept.
We cut the wood from a relatives property, we also weed where there are new seedlings , so they can grow, it's not like we are stripping the land, we always start with the stuff that has already fallen from storms.
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