Friday, February 8, 2013

Junior is going to jail

That is so sad that they are doing that to him. A fine upstanding citizen like that. His wife may be on her way there too.

You would think the Chicago crowd would have taught him better than that.

Do the crime do the time. Public figures ain't exempt. Ron Paul's son went to jail here in Charlotte in January this year. Drunk and disorderly in the airport. I wonder what happened there. I mean his dad was a presidential candidate. A fine outstanding citizen. He probably wasn't taught anything. Just given money to spend.
Couldn't happen to a nicer crook.   LOL
Corruption is a way of life in that family and in that party.
And janjan wants to compare his being a public official and ripping off the taxpayers to a private citizen drinking too much at the airport.
I think all them barking, howling dogs are getting to her when she walks by.
Deserves what he did, and was sentenced for the crime..
As far as Janet is concerned, it must be nice to be perfect and NEVER have done anything wrong.
The blog was about one man, now she has to put what someone else has done to justify her comment..
Maybe a closer look in the mirror would justify the teachings..
What can you expect, that acorn didn't fall too far from the tree!! @Tenaj, there's a very big difference in a person being drunk in public and a crooked politician stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars. For people who like to play with words, misuse is the same as stealing.
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