Sunday, January 20, 2013

Obama Campaign 2.0: 'Organizing for Action'


Obama Campaign 2.0: ‘Organizing for Action’

The group, which will be funded in part by corporate and individual donors, will exist independent of the Democratic National Committee, focusing primarily on progressive policy goals – Obama’s goals — rather than campaign politics, Democratic officials said.

Ahh finally!
The Central Planning Committee meets!
Somewhere in Hell, Gus Hall is smiling!
Is this the new Acorn?
We need a congressional investigation on this.
A list of who operates all departments.
A list of all satellite office heads.
A list of all employees paid or volunatary in all offices.
A list of all members listed in offices and a list of all internet contacts.
A list of all who fund the organization.
A background check of everyone in the orgaization.
An open disclosure on all e-mail contacts for review.

I told you Obama was not going away after he leaves office.
The big questions to watch: will OFA be as potent in its next incarnation, and can it make history again?
They just may make history again. I predict the next presidental nominee for democrats will come from this Organizing For Action organization.
They are distancing themselves from the democratic party machine. That says a lot.
Figure it out.
The democratic party has been used.
woof! woof! there go that dog barking at the passing parade again.
Comment by Tenaj - Yesterday, 11:42 pm
Bad dog, LOL
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