Monday, January 14, 2013

If republicans do not pass debt limit

Social security checks will not go out.

The military will not be paid.


Last I knew spending bills originated in the house. The house needs to pass a budget spending bill for social security and military pay to be paid from revenue. Send it to Harry Reid.

If he comes up with more slap talk about what will not be paid the house will look at it and debate the expense.

The house has power over spending and borrowing.

Draw the line in the sand.

Piece meal spending and borrowing on individual bills. Chop it up and argue over every piece.
The dems do not want to pass a budget chop it up.
But those millions of government workers will still get their paychecks. Welfare people will still get "their fair share". There will be nothing "fair and balanced" when the debt ceiling isn't raised.
Everyone in Washington should get minimum wage pay until they fix the budget. If they do nothing they should get nothing. The money they need is for bills the house told them to spend. It's already spent they just need to pay the bill, so what's the problem?
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