Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Putin - Obama

LT. COL. RALPH PETERS: Putin has never backed down from anybody, he's not a bluffer. And he is trained as a KGB agent handler. He sizes up people well. He has Obama's number and Obama's number is zero. This is a president who talks and does nothing. Putin, did he say, 'Oh, I'm going to go in the Crimea, you better look out?' No. He did it, and that's the way you do it. Fait accompli.

And unfortunately, the only powerful leader in Eurasia right now, the only real leader is a horrible, horrible man named Vladimir Putin. And the west has no leader, because the president of the United States, except rhetorically, is absent without leave. Obama -- it's not that Obama wouldn't like to do something, he has no idea on earth what to do.


Coin Toss said...

Excellent post, Emily.

8:01 PM
MADDOG10 said...

You bet, this post nails it...!!   Thanks EM...!!!

10:23 PM
sully16 said...

Thanks Emily

10:26 PM
jarasan said...

The colonel doesn't hold back, never has never will, he is usually right. His character assessment of Vlad and barry are spot on.

10:37 PM
JAP69 said...

Know your opponent on what he is going to do.
General Patton used that strategy.

11:30 PM
Lucky Loser said...

Hello Miss Emily, I certainly hope you're doing well. I definitely agree with your reasoning here because it's the truth. To piggy back on it, I'll add this: the president is very capable of calling a 'let's get physical' shot' but, it'll only cause everyone to amplify what they already do. When he's ready to deliver a blow, he's called too aggressive and ready for...over zealous.

When he backs off and listens to his people, he's called weak and indecisive...unable to make an informed presidential decision. This man is always caught between a rock and a hard place...mostly hard heads. You can rest assure that he can handle Putin but, he's taking to diplomatic 'talker' route that everyone seemed to like when Putin did it regarding the Syrian weapons crisis which is back on the table...again. He he went forth and delivered that strike the first time, they would've gotten the message and guess what? Putin wouldn't be in the Ukraine right now based on the very premise of that strike. It's not his fault, it's all the 'chatter in the back ground' that he listens to which is the problem. Thank you for allowing me to post and express my views in your blog! I really enjoy the entries. Good day.

8:42 AM
rdgrnr said...

Putin came up earning his stripes in the KGB.
Obama pushed food stamps in Chicago and wears mom jeans, a bicycle helmet and throws like a girl.
And Loser says Barry can handle Putin? LMAO!
Unfortunately, Barry ain't fit to carry Putin's jockstrap (although he'd probably like to).
And them's the facts.

1:25 AM
Lucky Loser said...

rdgrnr, please...don't. You're familiar with the loud guy in the bar talkin' plenty s**t to the quiet sober guy and very loudly, right? Oh, he's walking around knocking over chairs, breaking bottles, and even walks up on the quiet guy a bit. Then, he get's his ass handed to him...very quickly and effectively.

No, you know nothing about speaking softly while carrying a 'big stick'...literally. You really need to take a break from so much Rush & Co. See, I can afford to listen to him everyday because I'm dissecting all his spins on the truth while you're simply being spun every which way...even when he farts. Hey, to each his own and I ain't mad at ya, either. Ridge, you keep me sharp and have done so for a long time. You keep me occupied...busy peicing together all of your friends' and your flippety-flopping when you see a fitting agenda.

Since Putin is quite the hero and such the manly man, move to Russia and be his right hand man. Yeah, he's a hero and Russia's the land of the free that he go over there and then you can REALLY shake your finger back at bad ole Barry. If you could only 'see' how you truly sound. Good day or night, dude.

1:59 AM
Lucky Loser said...

By the way, ridge, I left you (1) freebee to work me over with. Let's see how long it takes you to redeem it. My man!

2:05 AM

Obama has no idea what to do? Of course he does. He heads for the golf course or takes another vacation. He allows ValJer to do his thinking. Obama is just too important for mundane matters such as Syria, the Palestinians, illegal immigrants, or the devastation caused by ObamaCare. Now making that three foot double boogy putt on the 125 yard par 3 is a different matter. He concentrates fully on that.

10:20 AM

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