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I have come to the conclusion that anyone, who believes that the Lotteries are truely Random, do not question most anything! This is my personnal opinion for what it is worth. My main goal is to have everyone improve their chances of winning by letting them know that there are " Combos & Patterns " in every Pick 5 & Jackpot Game. I also believe that history has a tendency to repeat itself. When will a Combo and/or Pattern hit again? I can't answer that question because I honestly don't know.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Colorado Lotto

To view/download combos and patterns found in the Colorado Lotto game - Go To -   https://www.box.com/s/gr9vs2q9ojxcmme4xr3a

Good Luck & Best Wishes

Here is just one example found in the Colorado Lotto game - Group 50

If I like the numbers in this Group, I would have the tendency to play the numbers:  04 10 19 30 37 38

*************                GRP
2008-11-08   3 4 10 19 27 30 50
2009-07-11   4 10 19 37 38 42 50
2011-06-04   4 10 13 19 30 37 50
2012-05-05   4 10 12 15 19 38 50


At 11:26 PM, GASMETERGUY said...

I have been looking at your threads on the forum and I must say I don't understand what you are doing.

Might you elaborate? Just what combo's and patterns are you talking about?

At 7:12 AM, butch2030 said...

I search the data base of a game & look for combinations of 4 or more numbers (in this game) that have hit multiple times. When I find these combinations I put them into groups. If I find other combinations that relate to this group, I will included them into a group. What would you rather do, play a quick pick or pick numbers from one of my 126 groups that make up 65% of the total drawings???? Waste your money on a Qick Pick or Play Smart.

At 7:38 AM, butch2030 said...

Read my first post on my Blog which should be on the last page. If you still don't understand it send me a PM.

At 7:48 AM, butch2030 said...

Duh!!!!!!! I gave you an explanation back on 01/04/13 in reply to your question on 01/03/13. Did you not read my reply??? See Below.............................................

Quote: Originally posted by GASMETERGUY on January 3, 2013
I would be more interested in knowing what your patterns are.

Combinations are a given - in the case of Hot Lotto, I look for combinations of 4 or more numbers that have hit more than once. Once I find these sets of numbers, I put them into Groups. The Pattern - usually comes in after you have at least 3 sets of drawings within a Group. You will find that (for the Most part), that if you have at least 3 sets of numbers that are related to each other, they will eventually all come together in a single drawing. The only Group with 3 sets of number that all haven't hit together in a single line is Group 34. However you only have 4 of the 5 numbers ( 03 15 24 32) to complete a single drawing. If someone liked these numbers, I would tell them what the most popular ball is that came in the most often with 03 15 24 32.

Take a look at all my Combos & Patterns in the various games. You will find that the pattern holds true for all the games. Look at any Group in any of my postings. You will find that in most cases, if you have 3 or more drawings within a Group, you will one line that contains all the numbers highlighted within that Group.

When I play my numbers, I know my chances are pretty good that the pattern will hold true for the most part with very few exceptions based on past history of all the games I looked at. I look for for groups of 3 or more sets of drawings within a Group where the pattern hasn't hit as of yet. Here is my Group 34 for the Powerball game. Here I look for at least 3 or more numbers that have hit more than once.   I have all 5 numbers that I need for the White Balls - 10 23 37 47 54. I am not looking to win the Grand Prize of the Powerball game. I will take 5 of 5 along with the PowerPlay and be satisfied with my 2M. If I quess right on the PB #, you will not hear any complaints from me. When will it hit, I have no idea. But past history tells me chances are pretty good it will happen. I will take my combinations and patterns any day over a quick pick.

*************            PB GRP
2009-03-25 10 20 23 47 54 26 34
2010-11-27 10 30 37 47 54 39 34
2011-01-01 18 22 37 47 54 36 34
2011-10-12 10 12 23 43 47 18 34

Good Luck & Best Wishes To You.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

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